After-School, Saturday, and Summer ELD Programs

Summer and After-School Extended Learning Opportunities


Is your district offering extended learning opportunities for English learners?

Whether your students are newcomers or long-term English learners, our evidence-based curriculum together with focused professional development can support your expanded learning initiatives. Language Tree Online solutions can be used for summer, after-school, or Saturday school programs.

Deliver personalized, standards-based ELD instruction with the help of our proven curriculum.

Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs

Our Intensive ELD program is a structured curriculum designed to help educators and tutors pinpoint and address the language areas that students need the most support.  It consists of:

Standards-Based Formative Assessments and Progress Monitoring

  • Online formative assessments help inform where you should focus instruction 
  • Progress monitoring tools support accountability and compliance requirements

Standards-Based Lessons and Acculturation Support

  • Addresses critical language gaps identified by the assessments 
  • Integrates academic subject matter content matter and current event topics with language lessons 
  • Applies culturally responsive pedagogy and acculturation support

Instructional Blueprint for Educators, Tutors and Counselors

  • Professional development training available 
  • Week-by-week planning templates and recommended instructional routines. View sample weekly plan

Learn more about our intensive curriculum for ELO programs. We will reply within 24 hours.