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Language Tree Online Beginner Spanish helps students build a strong foundation in the Spanish language. Our program is ideal for students in Grades K-8 who are starting Spanish or entering a Spanish Immersion program. Designed to supplement or replace in-class instruction, it features a multi-sensory approach using video vignettes, animation, and visual images to help reinforce new concepts. Video lessons are followed by interactive exercises and quizzes to test lesson comprehension. Educators can monitor student progress on their online dashboards.

The Language Tree online program provides a user-friendly approach to language learning. The online lessons are engaging and clear; the exercises are well thought out and provide reinforcement and review.
Susan Briziarelli
Acting Dean Arts & Sciences
Adelphi University

Beginner Online Spanish
A Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner

Developed by Dual Immersion educators, our in-depth curriculum follows Dual Immersion standards. Each online Spanish language course is equivalent to a full quarter-long course. A bilingual virtual teacher serves as a guide for the student, carefully explaining grammar rules and reviewing lessons. Scenario-based video clips show conversations in realistic context and Interactive quizzes reinforce comprehension.

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Beginner Spanish Level 1

Price: $59.00/year

Start with the fundamentals of the Spanish language, including learning correct pronunciation, counting, everyday objects and days of the week. Then learn about basic verb conjugation and common adjectives.

12 Lessons including:

  • Meeting and greeting
  • School-related vocabulary
  • Spanish alphabet and numbers
  • Colors and shapes
  • Counting
  • Common adjectives
  • Present tense conjugation
  • Days of the week/months of the year… and much more!

Recommended Age: 6 years +

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Beginner Spanish Level 2

Price: $59.00/year

Progress to more advanced topics as you deepen your understanding of Spanish grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction. Access the course anytime on a laptop or connected mobile device to learn or review.

11 Lessons including:

  • High frequency words
  • Syllables
  • Counting by fives and tens
  • Past tense conjugation
  • True and false cognates
  • Common vocabulary
  • Commands
  • Prepositions... and more!

Recommended Age: 6 years +

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Language Tree offers language learners a scaffolded and highly interactive opportunity to learn their target language. Featuring children as speakers in the video clips provides a natural approach to language learning.
David Noyes
Teacher and Writer
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