ELD Solutions for Remote Learning/Virtual Academies

Provide English Learners Access to High-Quality Distance Learning

More secondary English learners are opting for online schooling to gain schedule flexibility or because they don’t feel comfortable returning to campus.

Even though learners are not physically in a classroom, they are still required to receive focused English language development instruction as part of their educational curriculum. Whether your charter or school district offers a virtual academy for independent study or temporary home-study options, it’s important that English learners in remote environments have equal access to standards-based and appropriately leveled ELD instruction.

young woman looking at ELD online software

Standards-Based ELD Curriculum for Distance Learning

While educators want to play a hands-on role with students who opt for remote learning, daily interaction may not always be possible. Therefore, it is important to choose a standards-based solution like the Language Tree Online ELD curriculum. The program should also have built-in progress monitoring to ensure students stay on track. Our web-based ELD / ESOL curriculum is ideal for home study as it:

  • Aligns with the latest state English Language Development (ELD) standards
  • Features best practices pedagogy, including a highly-experienced “virtual teacher” who delivers the lesson input
  • Engages with multi-sensory lessons and interactive online assignments that address all four domains of language acquisition
  • Allows teachers to remotely track and monitor student progress


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