Online English Language Development (ELD Level 2)

Helping Intermediate and Long-Term English Learners Bridge the Gap


Intermediate and long-term English Learners (LTELs) often have strengths in some language areas — such as speaking or reading — but weaknesses in others. As a result, they may experience stalled progress in their path to re-designation, along with diminished academic achievement. Many also struggle in their academic subjects due to a lack of subject-specific vocabulary.

The Language Tree Online ELD Level 2 program uses a cross-curricular approach to solidify language skills while strengthening the academic language needed to successfully “unpack” content in math, sciences, and social studies. Multi-sensory strategies, such as videos, interactive quizzes, and self-recording exercises, serve to engage teen learners.

Classroom ELD

English Language Development for Intermediate and Long-Term English Learners

ELD Level 2 is a standards-based hybrid curriculum for students with two or more years of ELD study. It allows ELD/ESOL educators to:

  • Identify critical language skill gaps through formative assessments based on the latest ELD standards, including WIDA 2020, California, Texas ELP, ELPA21, Arizona ELPS, and NYS ENL
  • Address identified skill gaps and improve English proficiency across all four language domains
  • Deliver culturally relevant instruction at the appropriate level to motivate and challenge more advanced multilingual learners
  • Prepare their students for statewide assessments required for re-designation and entry into ELA core classes


Subject matter content is embedded into our standards-based language lessons.

Cross-Curricular Content Integration

It is important for English learners to recognize how language “lives” across academic subjects and disciplines. Therefore, we’ve integrated a variety of subject matter content into standards-based language lessons. Topics include:

  • Math
  • U.S. History and Geography
  • Literature
  • Cultural Studies
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Environmental Sciences

This approach helps English learners better grasp and engage with subject matter content while developing a richer academic vocabulary.

Language Tree ELD Modules

The four modules in ELD Level 2 can also be used anywhere – at home for remote learning or in the classroom. Downloadable instructional routines for synchronous teaching and student practice assignments make this a truly hybrid solution.

Module 1

English Language Assessments

Module 2

Foundational Literacy Skills

Module 3

Collaborative Listening and Speaking

Module 4

Language Function and Construction

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