In Lockstep with TEKS and TELPS

The Language Tree Online leveled curricula are fully aligned with Texas English Language Proficiency Standards (TELPS) for English as a Second Language. Plus, we support critical TEKS reading and writing standards. Our hybrid programs go deep into granular ESL skills and functions as outlined by the standards to prepare students for the TELPAS and STAAR.

All four language domains — listening, speaking, reading, and writing — are well-covered with video instruction, audio support, self-recording,  interactive activities, reading opportunities, and lots of writing practice.

Here are just a few examples of language skills and functions that are addressed by our lesson modules:

Latina Student



Foundational Literacy Skills
  • Understand the relationship between sounds and letters of the alphabet
  • Recognize elements of the English sound system such as long and short vowels, silent letters, and consonant clusters
  • Spell familiar English words with increasing accuracy, and employ English spelling patterns and rules with increasing accuracy as more English is acquired
Collaborative Listening and Speaking
  • Adapt spoken language for different purposes and audiences (register)
  • Express opinions and ideas
  • Demonstrate English comprehension and expand reading skills by employing inferential skills such as predicting, making connections between ideas, drawing inferences and conclusions
Language Function and Construction
  • Narrate, describe, and explain with increasing specificity and detail
  • Use correct verb tenses and pronouns
  • Employ increasingly complex grammatical structures in content area writing

Leveled ESL Programs Specifically Designed for Secondary English Learners

Teenagers are not children, so instructional resources should reflect relevant aspects of teen culture and emotional development. Language Tree Online is the only program designed for multi-lingual learners in the secondary grades.

We offer two programs, with the appropriate degree of rigor and scaffolding commensurate with students’ proficiency levels.

  • Level 1 is designed for Newcomers and beginner English learners
  • Level 2 is suitable for intermediate-level learners (2+ years of study) to LTELs who are struggling to achieve re-designation

We recognize English learner students have strengths and weaknesses in different proficiency areas. Therefore, our comprehensive combined Level 1 & Level 2 program gives educators the flexibility to assign relevant modules to students to support individualized instruction.

Con este programa, me voy dando cuenta del proceso que tengo y los avances con el inglés.
EL Student

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