Online English Language Development (ELD Level 1)

Module: Level 1Foundational Literacy Skills

The absence of a strong foundation in basic literacy skills is often why English learners struggle to redesignate even after many years of study. The ELD 1 Foundational Literacy Skills module is designed to build skills that support oral and written fluency. Phonics and phonological awareness concepts such as sound-symbol relationships, syllables, and blending/segmenting are taught in an age-appropriate manner that meets the need of older students.

Skill Area Examples of Topics Covered
Letter Knowledge
  • Alphabet sequence
  • Upper/lower case
  • Vowel/consonant discrimination
  • Letter sound/symbol relationship
  • Beginning and ending sound identification
Phonological Awareness
  • Blending sounds
  • Medial vowel substitution
  • Counting syllables
  • Sentence syntax


To view the full scope and sequence for Language Tree Online ELD Level 1 and Level 2, click here.

  • Standards-based online curriculum and downloadable teacher resources
  • Scaffolded instruction throughout builds on previously-taught concepts
  • Video input with interactive exercises output to enable practice and progress tracking
  • Multi-sensory techniques – text, audio, video, and images – provide equity and access for all English learners
  • Developed by a National Board-certified ELD educator and recognized expert in English language proficiency standards

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