Online English Language Development (ELD Level 2)

Module: Level 2 Language Function and Construction

The Language Function and Construction module focuses on teaching critical structures of the English language. With this understanding, multilingual learners can write more clearly, and with better coherence and cohesion. This module also develops awareness of available language resources (structure, organization, and meaning) that help make students better writers.

Skill Area Examples of Topics Covered
Structuring Cohesive Text
  • Applying understanding of text structures to write more coherently
  • Applying knowledge of pronouns, synonyms and connecting words to write with more cohesion
Expanding and Enriching Ideas
  • Using verbs in a variety of tenses appropriate to the text type
  • Enriching meanings of sentences using noun phrases
  • Expanding sentences with adverbial phrases to add details
Connecting and Condensing Ideas
  • Combining clauses to make connections between ideas and to join ideas
  • Condensing ideas in a variety of ways to create precise and detailed sentences


  • Aligned with the latest English language development standards
  • Engaging video input together with interactive exercises output
  • Online writing practice can be done in the classroom or at home
  • Multi-sensory techniques – text, audio, video, and images – provide equity and access for all English learners
  • Built-in progress monitoring

To view the full scope and sequence for Language Tree Online ELD Level 2, click here.

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