Online English Language Development (ELD Level 1)

Module: Level 1 Collaborative Listening and Speaking

This module covers the collaborative, interpretive, and productive skills required for English language proficiency. All four language domains are addressed in depth.

Lessons in Collaborative Listening and Speaking help English learners gain the language skills needed to participate in meaningful and relevant discourse across various contexts and disciplines. Students will learn how to interact with written and spoken language, and techniques to adapt language choices based on audience and purpose. Then they will apply these learnings to a series of fun interactive activities.

Skill Area Examples of Topics Covered
  • Exchanging information and ideas (written and spoken)
  • Asking yes/no and WH-questions
  • Adapting language choices (register)
  • Active listening
  • Comparing/contrasting
  • Explaining ideas and drawing conclusions
  • Evaluating informative oral presentations
  • Summarizing information
  • Justifying and expressing opinions

To view the full scope and sequence for Language Tree Online ELD Level 1 and Level 2, click here.

  • Based on the latest English language proficiency standards
  • Video-based lessons featuring a "professor" who explains language concepts
  • Interactive exercises with speaking and writing opportunities
  • Multi-sensory engagement - video, audio, text

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