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An online English language development program should not be used as a “sit and learn” app. For the best possible outcomes, teachers should incorporate active participation strategies while using Language Tree Online. This includes lots of oral practice, such as reading aloud and engaging in collaborative learning exercises. Writing practice is also important, so have students do quick writes, journaling, and note-taking in a physical notebook as they come across new concepts. 

Even if you aren’t currently using our program, here are some free resources you can download or play to drive more student engagement in your classroom.  


Active Participation Tools

Use these active participation tools to get your English learner students speaking, writing, and collaborating with peers!

Instructional Routines

Get a free downloadable (from our program) filled with proven instructional routines suitable for beginner English learner students.

ELD 1 Language Function and Construction

Lesson 6: Connecting Ideas

In this lesson, students learn how to combine clauses to make connections between ideas and to join ideas (for example, creating compound sentences using “and”, “but”, and “so”).

Video Resources

Use these short video clips to help you teach discrete language skills.

 Level 1 Topics

Personal Pronouns

video popup

Learning How To Write

learning how to write video popup


learning syllables video popup

 Level 2 Topics

Noun and Noun Phrases

video popup

Superlative Adjectives

video popup superlatives

Adjectives & Adverbs

video popup adjectives

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