Online English Language Development (ELD Level 1)

Newcomers Face Special Challenges

English learners enter our classrooms with varying degrees of literacy. Some may not even be fully literate in their native language due to interrupted education. On top of learning a new language, Newcomer students must navigate a new culture and an unfamiliar school environment. Not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to act, can make learning difficult.

Teachers have their own set of challenges. English learners can arrive throughout the school year. How can new students be accommodated while the rest of their students stay on track?

Language Tree Online ELD Level 1 solves these challenges. Our program can be used for small-group tutorials as well as whole-class instruction. Proven instructional routines show teachers how to front-load new concepts. In addition, our  American School Culture module transfers practical knowledge to help students feel more confident and comfortable at their new school.

Effective ELD Resources for Beginner English Learners and Newcomers

EDL Brochure for Level 1ELD Level 1 is a standards-based  digital English Language Development curriculum designed to:

  • Assess individual English learners in language skill areas tied to the latest ELD standards, including WIDA 2020, CA 2012, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and NYS Next Gen ELA
  • Accelerate acculturation and understanding of school norms so newcomer students gain confidence and a sense of belonging
  • Help English learners progress to the next level of  proficiency by preparing them for statewide proficiency assessments (ELPAC, TELPAS, ACCESS for ELL, and more)

The five modules in ELD Level 1 can be used to support whole class or small group instruction. Our web-based program can also be used by students in the classroom to maximize productive time or at home for independent, self-paced learning.

Module 1

English Language Assessments

Module 2

American Culture and Functional Vocabulary

Module 3

Foundational Literacy Skills

Module 4

Collaborative Listening and Speaking

Module 5

Language Function and Construction

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