Online English Language Development (ELD Level 1)

Solutions for Beginner Multilingual Learners

Middle and high school ELD/ESOL educators face a difficult juggling act. They must successfully integrate a continuous stream of incoming students while ensuring the rest of their class receives quality academic instruction. Moreover, English language learners enter with varying degrees of language proficiency. Some may be newcomers with limited or interrupted formal education while others may have some degree of English competency.

The Language Tree Online ELD 1 program was developed to support diverse language development needs while making teachers' lives easier.

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Closing the Language Gap is a Big Challenge, but We Can Help

The ramp time to graduation is short for secondary-grade English learners. Our hybrid ELD Level 1 program helps beginner English learners quickly build functional vocabulary and critical language skills. Use our multi-sensory English language development resources to support whole-class and small-group instruction, for student practice, and as an intervention tool.


Aligned with the Latest English Language Proficiency Standards

Our ELD/ESOL curriculum is in lock-step with the language standards and skills outlined in WIDA 2020, California ELD, Texas ELP, Arizona ELPS, Louisiana, ELPA21, and NYS Next Gen ELA. Formative assessments and focused language lessons help English learners make faster progress by preparing them for summative assessments, such as ACCESS for ELLs, the ELPAC, NYSESLAT, AZELLA, and TELPAS.

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Targets All 4 Domains of Language

English learners need to learn how to read, write, speak, and comprehend spoken language. Literacy resources are important, but they are not designed to address the full range of students' language development needs. On the other hand, Language Tree Online is an English language development program. We also put focus on productive language skills, with ample opportunities to practice speaking and writing (both online and pen to paper). Multi-sensory techniques using video, audio, images, and self-recording expose learners to language in action and help scaffold lessons and tasks.


Developed for Middle and High School

Culturally relevant content also means stories and references that are age-appropriate. Instructional resources that feature cartoon characters and other childish elements can be off-putting to older students. That’s why we embed targeted language skill lessons and practice in video content and stories highly relevant and familiar to pre-teen and teenage learners, such as protecting the environment and looking for a part-time job. As a result, students stay engaged and motivated to learn.


Newcomer Acculturation and Scaffolded Language Instruction

Important aspects of school life we take for granted are often daunting to recently-arrived students. Our Newcomers module includes resources designed to help newcomer students feel more connected to their school while also building functional vocabulary and critical language skills. Our supplemental resource is ideal for "Newcomer Pathway" programs that help transition newcomers academically and culturally to school in America.

The sequence of the sections of this program is very well-planned since it's addressing foundational skills in the very beginning which is quite useful for the student while they are learning a new language. It also goes into phonics and things that we have no time for during class.

The five modules in ELD Level 1 can be used to support whole class or small group instruction. Our hybrid (online and teacher-led) program can be used to maximize productive time in the classroom or at home for independent, self-paced learning.

Module 2

English Language Assessments

Module 3

Foundational Literacy Skills

Module 4

Collaborative Listening and Speaking

Module 5

Language Function and Construction

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