Online English Language Development (ELD Level 2)

Module: Level 2 Collaborative Speaking and Listening

The Collaborative Listening and Speaking module covers the language skills necessary for students to interact in meaningful ways. This means being able to have relevant and intellectually-challenging discourse in various contexts and modes of language (collaborative, interpretive and productive).

Students will also have the opportunity to learn and practice language skills needed for academic success in core content areas. Embedded self-recording exercises and writing assignments enable students to apply new skills.

Skill Area Examples of Topics Covered
  • Supporting opinions and persuading others
  • Interacting via longer text exchanges with peers
  • Adapting language choices according to purpose, task and audience
  • Reading/listening closely – explain ideas, make inferences and determine unknown words
  • Evaluating language choices used to express ideas and support arguments
  • Analyzing language choices, including figurative text and shades of meaning
  • Presenting on a variety of topics using supporting details and evidence
  • Writing different text types and summaries
  • Justifying/arguing using evidence and background knowledge
language learning
  • Standards-based online curriculum and downloadable teacher resources and online writing exercises
  • Scaffolded instruction throughout builds on previously-taught concepts
  • Video input with interactive exercises output to enable practice and progress tracking
  • Multi-sensory techniques – text, audio, video and images – provide equity and access for all English learners
  • Developed by a National Board certified ELD educator and evaluator for the English Language Proficiency Assessment of California (ELPAC)

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