Language Tree Online for Your English Learner Programs


An EL student became confident writing full sentences in English.


Students really grasp concepts when working on Language Tree Online together as a team.


It allows students to hear conversations, not just isolated words in English and shows more grammatical work.


Lo que más me gusta es que te pone a pensar cada respuesta cuidadosamente.” (What I like most is that it makes you think of each response carefully). 


This program is well designed to move students from simple to complex in the different skills.


Standards-Based ELD Resources that Serve Teachers

Language Tree Online is the first and only standards-based hybrid ELD program developed specifically for middle and high school English learners.

Our goal is to make teachers' lives easier as they do the critical work of instructing multilingual learners. With Language Tree Online, teachers no longer need to spend endless hours writing lesson plans or sourcing content from the internet. Our easy-to-follow, structured curriculum is ideal for designated ELD as it covers the full range of English language proficiency standards at the appropriate level, scope, and sequence. Educators have everything they need in one place:

  • Multi-sensory online and teacher-led lessons for whole class, small group, or independent learning
  • Reporting and online dashboard to see student progress, track assessment results, and know where intervention is needed
  • Professional development and a range of instructional support resources

Teacher Testimonial

Hear firsthand from a teacher who is using our program with her English Learner students.

Reasons for Choosing Language Tree Online

Truly Individualized Instruction

We recognize multilingual learners possess varying degrees of proficiency due to previous schooling experiences. Some Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFEs) may have no transferable language skills whereas long-term English learners (LTELs) may just need to break through in a few areas. Language Tree Online comprehensive ELD program starts with an in-depth formative language assessment based on the latest ELD standards. This allows educators to pinpoint the exact language skills and functions where each student needs more support. Students then work on connected lessons and instructional routines to close identified language skill gaps.

ELD Teen learning
English Language Proficiency Progression

Aligned with Today's English Language Proficiency Standards

To accelerate student progress through English language proficiency levels, the Language Tree Online ELD programs are aligned with modern ELP standards. This includes the latest WIDA edition, California, Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge (TEKS) and Texas ELPS, NYS Next Gen ELA Standards, ELPA21, and the Louisiana ELP standards.


Engaging and Relevant to Pre-Teens and Teens

Multi-sensory instructional approaches are proven to deepen understanding and retention. We've embedded video, audio, and images throughout our online ELD curriculum to help English learners of any proficiency level better comprehend lessons and instructions. Video instruction is combined with fun, interactive features such as quizzes, self-recording, and writing exercises. Finally, to ensure that the learning experience is engaging and relevant to teen learners, we present realistic peer-to-peer interactions both in and out of the classroom that they are likely to encounter.

Teens walking and talking

Acculturation and Functional Vocabulary

The importance of acculturation should not be overlooked. Newcomers often face social and emotional hurdles due to a misunderstanding of school norms and expectations. This can make learning and integration difficult. We help newly-arrived students overcome the daunting aspect of entering the American school system by introducing school-related norms and practical tips. American School Culture in our Newcomers program combines cultural knowledge transfer with functional vocabulary builders to help students smoothly transition into their new school environment.