Onboarding Process for Districts Using Clever

Step 1: Rostering and SSO

Recommended Timing: At least 2 Weeks before your Go Live date

Language Tree Online (LTO)  is Clever Secure Sync-certified. A connection between the District and LTO would need to be made in order for students and teachers to access our program using Clever single sign-on.

  1. Your District IT will request data sharing with LTO through Clever. Please note that not every school or student in the district should be enrolled in this program, which is only for English learners. District IT should verify with the admin or teacher which schools and/or student data should be shared with LTO. The number of shared users should be within the contracted number of users.
  2. LTO will approve the request as soon as possible but no later than one business day.
  3. LTO will create all eligible profiles in our system through initial sync with the district student information system (SIS).
  4. The sync process would need to finish for the LTO app icon to appear on the district's portal. Note: This usually happens within 1-2 hours but can take up to 24 hours.

Step 2: Testing

Recommended Timing: At least 1 Week before the Go Live date

District IT should test whether a student or teacher can access the LTO program through SSO.

  1. The LTO app icon should be visible on the student portal or teacher portal.
  2. Important: IDs used for testing should be in the shared Secure Sync roster.

Note:  LTO is live on the Clever catalog.

This could be a workaround entry to LTO for a district still waiting for the LTO icon to appear on its portal.


SSO login encountered the following error:


Reason: The student profile doesn’t exist in our program. District IT either needs to change the test id used or manually create an OAuth2 user on Moodle.