Reviewing Practice Assignments

The associated practice assignments for each lesson are optional but highly recommended for students to do after they finish the lesson activities or as a review before taking the Exit Assessment.

The student's work on the practice assignments is not automatically graded by the system. To access, review, and provide feedback to your student, follow these steps:

Step 1.

Click on the ELD 1 or ELD 2 Practice Assignments button on the homepage.

practice assignment

Step 2.

At the top of the page, click on the Grades tab.

student practice assignment-grades

Step 3.

You will see your class roster. Find the practice assignment you want to review by scrolling to the right of the student's name. Click on the magnifying glass to review. Note: A submitted practice assignment will have a 100% under the practice assignment. The 100% is not a score, but just an indication of completion.

student practice assignment

Step 4.

You'll see all the student's answers to the practice assignment questions. For closed-ended responses, the system will mark them as correct or incorrect.

Review the student's open-ended responses and make your own formative assessment about effort and quality of work. Click on the link "Make comment or override mark", type in your comment/feedback, and click Save.

make comments

Step 5.

Click on Finish Review on the lower right-hand side when done with your review.  You may notify your student via chat to look at your feedback.  To help him/her locate your feedback, paste the URL from the screen you see after you click Finish Review into the chat.

review URL