CORE and Language Tree Online Partner to Help Educators Accelerate Language Acquisition for English Learners

The Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE) is excited to provide professional learning and coaching services to educators using Language Tree Online to help accelerate language proficiency for English learners. CORE will work with districts and schools to effectively implement Language Tree’s comprehensive online English Language Development program in K-12 schools. CORE will share with educators evidence-based practices for teaching reading and writing and model effective instructional practices across the curriculum.

Language Tree Online has served the education market for more than 15 years, offering self-paced digital language products to schools, libraries and homes across the country. The Language Tree approach to language acquisition includes in-depth assessments, standards-based individualized instruction, multi-sensory input, and acculturation and cultural knowledge. The video-based instructional models and curriculum are aligned to WIDA Prime V2 Correlation Criteria for English Language Learners, California ELD standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

CORE is pleased to partner with Language Tree Online to improve literacy for English learners by supporting the educators dedicated to helping these students adapt to a new culture and thrive in school and beyond.